Centauri Indoor / Outdoor Recycle Bin

The curved back of the bin means it does not touch the wall when in place. The unique fold-down signage, ensures ease of waste removal – the Centauri lid simply lifts up and the bag can be removed. If the bag is too heavy, the door-like front can also be opened so that less lifting is involved.

The bin’s signage encourages people to recycle rather than deterring them. Recycling is made quick and easy. The product is hard-wearing, so is not an item that regularly requires refurbishment or the replacement of new parts. It is built to last.

Recycling Bin Features

  • Bright clear signage
  • 100% recyclable, robust stable design
  • Versatility - suitably appropriate for most environments from office to production floor, from airport to supermarket, from school to conference centre.
  • Manufactured in durable polypropylene
  • Ergonomically designed with a pivot front to allow easy service access
  • Various lids appropriate to all main recycling stream options in approved colours

Recycle Waste Streams

The Alpha Centauri is suitable for virtually every recycling stream, including mixed recycling, mixed plastics, cans, metals and paper – it simply comes equipped with an interchangeable, WRAP colour-coded aperture, suited to the material type.


Height: 995mm

Width: 595mm

Depth: 415mm

Capacity: 100 Litres





MES Ireland Supply, Deliver Install & Commission

We offer a comprehensive installation and commissioning service, from large scale recycling projects to a single installation we can offer assistance & guidance from the pre-planning stage to the installation day.

For further information on any of our extended services please contact us

Centauri Recycling Bin Range Models

Centauri Product Sheet 8 units mixed waste

Signage & Liner Bags

signage showcase

We can also provide a durable polycarbonate signage system that attaches to the recycle bins; it accepts any A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) recycling poster, available for download from our labelling section here


We provide a comprehensive range of bags to suit our waste and recycling products, as well as standard liner bags we can provide compostable & degradable options. See our Liner Bag Section for further information.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this range.

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