Minimax+ Waste Collections Kerbside Caddy

Minimax+ is designed to be practical and sturdy, featuring side ridges and a water-shedding domed lid. The minimax+ advances the practical design of the minimax and inherits the "best feature" lid-locking handle.
The minimax+ reflector version is an evolution of the species, the result of a specific study by a specialist optic lab. The bin is fitted with a special, professional-grade reflector (replacing the more generally used stickers) to make it easily visible at night, with a real consideration to health and safety.


Material & Manufacturing process

Injection moulding process using Virgin or reprocessed polypropylene, non-toxic and 100% recyclable, UV treated

Minimax body features

  • Truncated pyramid shape with a rectangular base
  • Walls stiffened by longitudinal grooves
  • Smooth internal and external surfaces and rounded corners
  • Raised bottom stiffened by a network of transversal ribs and provided with a grip for emptying

Lid & Handle features

  • Anchored directly to the body by means of four sturdy hinges
  • Slightly convex shape, provided with ribs and slopes such as to allow rainwater to run off
  • Lid opens wide to 270°
  • Handle has tubular structure of variable cross section made by air-moulding

Kerbside Emptying of Bin

  • Device with 2 suspension points in vertical and horizontal position
  • Locking device of the lid with automatic release in emptying phase

Standard colours

  • brown, green, blue, yellow, grey, anthracite
  • other colours on request for minimum agreed quantities

Further caddy options

  • Two prismatic reflectors integrated in the rim of the container
  • Decals supplied in kit or personalized hot-prints
  • Progressive numbering or bar code for identification
  • Kit for application of transponder




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