10 Litre Vented Kitchen Caddy

Stelo 10L vented kitchen caddy has been created to simplify the segregation and collection of food waste, optimising aerated conditions to reduce moisture and unpleasant smells. The unit has a capacity of 10 litres.

Caddy Features

  • Total aeration system for the segregation of food waste in optimum conditions
  • To be used with a compostable liner, a biobag with transpirational properties.
  • Moisture is reduced through evaporation, depending on liner’s characteristics, avoiding the build up of liquids at the base.
  • Reduction of unpleasant odours caused by anaerobic bacterial activity.
  • The daily tasks of food waste segregation are made easy, safe and more hygienic.
  • Extra wide filling from dinner sized plates or chopping boards.
  • Minimal footprint for placing on a worktop, inside a cupboard door or under the sink.


  • Made of recycled PP
  • 100% recyclable PP
  • Stabilised against the effects of UV rays; resistant to atmospheric agents, chemical detergents and biological matter.
  • Dishwasher safe.


  • Wide front lip for finger-tip lid opening
  • Micro holes in the lid to maximise ventilation
  • Detachable lid for easy cleaning


  • Air slots in the walls for complete air circulation
  • Retaining rim and lowered hinges for fitting a compostable liner
  • Radius corners to allow a biobag to be suspended in the caddy
  • Front printing panel for corporate identity


  • Vertical single piece black plastic handle with two pivot points
  • Sturdy strong grip
  • Allows the lid to be propped open
  • With lid locking mechanism to prevent spillage and interference from pets


  • Certified post-consumer recycled PP content
  • Thermal transfer printing in white on body front panel
  • Lid printing
  • Lid with black plastic handle, without locking mechanism
  • Wide range of other colours available on request




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Stelo 10 Caddy Datasheet

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