Wheelie Bin Recycling Bank

The recycling Bank is available in various sizes to accommodate 2 or more of our Eurobins, the high visibility signage promotes public awareness of recycling, its strong locking system makes it resistant to vandals and the overall Aesthetically pleasing modern steel structure fits into all surroundings and locations.

Recycling System Advantages

  • High visibility to encourage public awareness of recycling
  • Strong locking arrangement offering vandal resistant security.
  • Aesthetically pleasing modern steel structure that will fit into all surroundings and locations
  • Graphics can be designed to suit customer requirements
  • 1100 litre Eurobins to collect waste paper, cans and glass bottles.

Recycling Features

The new unique lid is designed to complement the existing range of trade waste lids fitted to our range of Eurobins.

It has been designed to shed water and together with the Sellers unique locking system has improved bin security. Tests have proved this range to be effective in maintaining the contents secure and dry.

The body of the lid is double skinned polyethylene. Its generic design means that the main body of the lid can be fitted with either the rubber flap for use with paper and cardboard, or the central divider and brushes for use with bottle and cans.

These inserts are interchangeable and can be easily modified on site.

The lids have the standard ‘NO HOT ASH’ symbol moulded into the front lip.